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About our Farm

We grow our plants and crops following Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines published by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension and Cornell Cooperative Extension. We are continually building healthy soil on our farm using sustainable growing practices such as growing cover crops to reduce erosion while adding nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

Composts and manures are also used on our fields to build soil organic matter and add nutrients while reducing conventional fertilizer use. Regular soil and water testing allows us to specifically target any nutrient or pH changes that need to be made for a particular crop to succeed. Our field crops are grown on a corn starch based mulch that is completely biodegradable in our fields with no toxic residues and no plastic waste to dispose of each year.

We utilize drip irrigation throughout our farm to reduce our water and fertilizer use. Throughout our greenhouses we use beneficial insects, microbes and fungi to control the “bad” insects and fungi. We take a lot of pride in the ornamental and edible crops we grow on our farm and we believe that thriving agricultural farms are vital to the local and regional economies, food supply chain and aesthetic value of our rural area.